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Tailored services according to need and stage of your project

Strategic Start-up Services

A clinical trial is not the end, but a mean to achieve business objectives. It is therefore critical that the clinical strategy ties in well with the regulatory, reimbursement, market introduction and overall corporate objectives of the company. Medpole senior staff have achieved exceptional returns for our customers in reducing time to market, selecting the right investigational sites and the right key opinion leaders network to support the strategy of our clients.

Clinical Operations

You are looking for a qualified partner to manage your clinical project, monitor your sites or manage submissions for you? Or you need support to identify the RIGHT sites for your trial — Medpole's experienced Clinical Operations Team is available to help.

Logistics Services

How to import your product into Europe, comply with VAT regulations, store it until needed, ensure on-time shipping to your sales team or your clinical sites.. Contact our Logistics team— our fully GDP compliant warehouse offers state-of-the-art services to manage your product safely to it's destination.

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